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1. Agreement
AdultPayout authorizes you to participate in its Affiliate Program and include materials needed to enable users access AdultPayout content in your web pages.

2. Guarantees
AdultPayout guarantees the Affiliate:

a) Possibility of marketing AdultPayout products with the adult content that AdultPayout makes available to the Affiliate;
b) A limited, non-exclusive, revocable and non-assignable license to access and download banners and other promotional material to be used to advertise, through legitimate, means the content that AdultPayout makes available to the Affiliate;
c) Possibility of offering global payment systems to the Affiliate's clients, through the means used by AdultPayout, for the purpose of accessing Internet content. The service includes access to a complete and exclusive personalized automatic processing system.

3. Duration and Termination
This agreement shall be effective as soon as it is accepted which is indicated by the Affiliate's joining the program; the Agreement remains in force until terminated. The parties may terminate this agreement at any time, without cause, by prior notice via e-mail. Any amounts due to the Webmaster from AdultPayout will be settled in accordance with the standard procedure.

4. Payments
AdultPayout will pay the amount generated to any Affiliate who meets all the terms and conditions.

Only amounts arising from the calculations of the AdultPayout affiliate systems are to be paid by amounts indicated in the program features.

No payments for amounts under the minimal payout sum will be made, except for account termination cases. Such amount will not be paid that month, but will be added to the amount corresponding to the following month; if the total sum exceeds or equals the minimal sum, a payout will be made.

Every transaction has a 23-day payment hold period.

5. Restricted marketing methods
All AdultPayout products should be advertised via legitimate means and techniques only. No illicit advertising methods will be tolerated, such methods being grounds for account termination and application of penalties.

No Trojan programs, viruses, spyware or other malware is tolerated.

a) SPAM. Distributing unsolicited marketing content through email, IRC, newsgroups or instant messaging is deemed as spam. Affiliates should comply with AdultPayout anti spam, anti mass mailing policy, in accordance with the laws of the United States of America (CAN-SPAM ACT/2003). Any complaint filed against an affiliate will lead to penalization and account termination.

b) PROTECTING MINORS. The Affiliate is prohibited to place any content related to child pornography on his or her website; no activities banned under the laws of the United States of America and the countries of the European Union are allowed. The Affiliate is deemed hereby informed that AdultPayout adult contents complies with the legal requirements established by the laws of the United States of America, in particular (18 U.S.C. Section 2257).

Encouraging minors to access AdultPayout content is strictly prohibited. Necessary measures to prevent minors from accessing such products in accordance with applicable laws in force in the Affiliate's place of residence should be taken. Any violation of these provisions will result in
account cancellation.

6. Legitimate Uses
All AdultPayout products and services should be used legitimately. The Affiliate assumes responsibility for any wrongful uses or any uses other than those established here. The Affiliate shall make sure end users are aware that:

The products and services being advertised are non-free;  The products and services being advertised are of highly erotic nature and are unsuitable for minors.

The Affiliate shall comply with the requirements set forth by applicable US legal provisions, in particular 18 U.S.C. Section 2257.

Publishing depictions of minors and using wording such as "minors", "menores", "lolita", "pedofilia", "adolescent", "child", "children", "elementary", "infant", "juvenile", "kid", "kindergarten", "little boy", "little girl", "minor", "nymphet", "pedophile", "preteen", "puberty", "pubescent", "underage", "young boy", or any other words implying underage
content is strictly forbidden.

7. Limitation of Liability
The Affiliate is solely responsible and assumes all the risks related to delivering information to end users. AdultPayout shall not be liable for any third-party claims arising from deeds and acts committed by the Affiliate.

AdultPayout shall not be held responsible for claims by the Affiliate or any third-parties arising from the Affiliate's failure to access the service in the event of accidents or force majeure, the loss or elimination of information or failure to partially or fully retrieve such information, connection failures, system failures, server failures, network failures, or any other cause not attributable to the company, including service interruption for the purpose of performing maintenance and update tasks.

8. Brand Non-Usage
AdultPayout does not license its intellectual or industrial property to the Affiliate. The Affiliate is not allowed to:

a) use, display or mention, in any media, either directly or indirectly, AdultPayout name, brand, logotypes or similar entities connected with AdultPayout without the prior consent of AdultPayout, except as part of product promotion;

b) act in any way that may damage or harm AdultPayout reputation.

9. Confidentiality
Both parties should take reasonable measures to observe the confidential nature of the information exchanged in connection with this agreement. Such information shall not be disclosed or made available to third parties after the termination of this agreement, unless required by pertinent authorities.

10. Violation and Termination
Violation any of the above listed clauses, fraud, misconduct, disrespect of laws and common Internet practices will result in immediate account termination and payment cancellation. All AdultPayout content should be then immediately removed. All free hosting accounts will be deleted immediately without any option to restore the information stored.

11. Chargebacks
AdultPayout reserves the right to cancel the account of any Webmaster that, to AdultPayout discretion, have an unusually high number of chargebacks. Sums of money due to the Affiliate shall be used to cover the expenses incurred by the Affiliate's actions, in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In case of chargebacks from the billing the fine is split in two equal parts between AdultPayout and The Affiliate.

12. Taxes, No Partnership or Employment Relationship
The Affiliate shall be solely responsible for any taxes whose taxable event is the provision of services offered by the Affiliate. The terms and conditions of this agreement do not imply the existence of an employment relationship.

13. Amendments
AdultPayout reserves the right to amend, wholly or in part, the terms and conditions of service, and shall post any such amendments on its web site and notify about them via email to the address indicated by the Affiliate. Any amendments shall be notified about 24 hours in advance. If the Affiliate does not accept the amendments, this agreement and the affiliate account are terminated.